What happens in the sessions?

Counselling and Psychotherapy can include both practical elements as well as in depth explorations of oneself, relationships and life issues. The level and the pace of sessions depend on what the client is looking for.

The first session is like an introduction session, where the client can tell me about their situation and ask questions they may have about the process. It is also an opportunity to see how I work and to decide whether my way of working is of interest.

Within the confidential and consistent space of ongoing sessions clients are encouraged to explore and experience themselves and their issues in a safe manner.

Talking therapy is clearly useful, and equally at times it can be limiting. Because of that, we can pay attention to other means of expression and communication such as tuning into our bodies for wise counsel, and using creative methods such as visualisation, chair work, and drawing. I also work with mindful approaches that invite stillness, which can be an invaluable resource for experiencing connection.