Reflective Space

Reflective Space – Inviting Stillness is a group process, which gives a collection of people the opportunity to take time out from the pressures of daily life, allowing a return to a quiet internal space, which helps to recover from stress.

The Mental Health Foundation reports that “around 12 million adults in the UK see their GP with mental health problems each year. Most of these suffer from anxiety and depression and much of this is stress-related. 13.3 million working days are lost per year due to stress, depression and anxiety”[1].

There is ample evidence that shows the benefits of practices aligned to stillness. Meditation is an umbrella term for many different contemplative practices such as mindfulness, yoga, Qigong/Tai Chi and various forms of meditation.

Research suggests that a regular meditative/contemplative practice reduces stress, lessens physical and emotional pain, enhances the immune system, and improves relationships.[2]

Given that stress is so prevalent in our modern world,  it makes sense to explore other ways of being. By engaging in a reflective space, we make room for spaciousness of thoughts and feelings, out of which stillness can emerge. I

When we welcome stillness, we can hear and listen better, and when we listen better, we make better choices.

Please enquire about rates and possible format of these sessions.

[1] Mental Health Foundation [2]