In my practice I offer Psychological Counselling, Psychotherapy and Supervision for individuals and groups.

I meet people of all ages and backgrounds at the New Cross Natural Therapy Centre in New Cross SE14 for ongoing in-depth psychotherapy and time-limited and focused counselling, which includes elements of coaching and mediation.

On a simple level the therapeutic space is where people can think about their lives together with an interested other who is trained to listen and reflect in an attentive way that brings about an opening and clarification.

Here are a few common issues clients talk about when they first come:

feeling anxious or depressed * relationship difficulties * stress * breakdown of family relations * negative thinking * loss of meaning and purpose * difficulties adapting to change *  low self-esteem * feeling lonely and isolated * parenting issues * search for creative potential * bereavement *  self-development *  identity issues * incapacitating fear * addictive behaviours * lack of assertiveness * mood swings * sexual problems * physical pains * career change

Whatever brings the client to therapy, talking to a dedicated professional in a confidential space offers the possibility of experiencing things in a different light