In my practice I offer Psychotherapy, Psychological Counselling and Supervision for individuals and groups.

I meet people of all ages and backgrounds at the New Cross Natural Therapy Centre in New Cross SE14 for ongoing in-depth psychotherapy and time-limited and focused counselling, which can include elements of coaching and mediation.

On a simple level in therapy we create a space where in-depth conversations and new experiences can unfold. In an atmosphere of genuine curiosity, the focus is on careful listening and attentive reflection in a non-judgemental way, which brings about an opening of the dillemmas at hand.

There are a few common issues clients bring to therapy. Quite often the quality or lack of relationship and connection are at the heart of the matter, which over a period of time can manifest in anxiety, low mood or mood swings, low self-esteem, stress, feelings of isolation, lack of meaning, addictive and self-harming behaviours to name a few. People also report a lack of creativity or purpose in their lives or may find it hard to adapt to change.

Whatever brings the client to therapy, and the reasons can be manifold, being in conversation with a dedicated professional in a confidential space offers the possibility of clarifying one’s experience of being in the world.