In my private practice I offer Existential Psychotherapy, Energy Psychotherapy and Supervision. 

The therapeutic space offers you a chance to review your present situation, discover new perspectives and ways of engaging with the inevitable dilemmas and difficulties that life throws up.

The therapeutic encounter is an active way of creating a space where your lived experience can show up in all its shapes and forms.

In Existential Psychotherapy we welcome the unknown aspects of existence and facilitate the creation of meaning from the givens of each situation. 

In Energy Psychotherapy we explore what the blocks and difficulties are that call for transformation, paving the way to new pathways. The aim is for a renewed sense of flow in relationships and daily life.

In Supervision I bring a phenomenological, embodied and creative focus where we pay close attention to what is unfolding and what can be further clarified to gain a richer understanding of the professional relationship and the dynamics in question.